Rotary not running WHEN ENABLED

I have posted my question several times but no one has ever been able to assist, so here I try again…

my rotary does nto work when enabled and the green light is on. Once disabled, no green light, it runs, but the setting are off causing the project to not print correctly.

Can ANYONE help me and explain WHY the rotary does not work when enabled but runs when DISABLED? and how it can be fixed so I can run it properly and can calibrate it so my files print properly? :PLEEEEEEASE!!!

I have a co2 100w laser and have a ruida 6554 controller

You can help us help you by providing more information:

  • Is your “CO₂ 100 W laser” a commercial unit or a homebrew?
  • Provide a URL to the description or DIY specs
  • Similarly, what rotary are you using?
  • How does the rotary connect to the laser?
  • Is the “green light” in the LightBurn UI or on the rotary?

Then we can start asking detailed questions and perhaps figure out what’s wrong.

I had the same issue prior to getting the rotary I listed below, which is why I do not think it’s the rotary. When I send a file to my machine with the rotary “enable” nothing happens, but when I disable the rotary, the file sends and burns, rotary turns, but I cannot calibrate it to set the size of the item I am working with. TY for at least taking a stab at this for me

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rotary connects to laser through aviation cable

The green light I am referring to is in on lightburn screen when using the program next to the rotary symbol in lightburn

Does the machine have a Ruida RDC6445 controller as the description suggests? You’ll find that printed on the beige box inside the electronics bay of the machine.

Which axis raises and lowers the platform: U or Z?

After enabling the rotary and power-cycling the controller, does either of the U or Z buttons on the machine panel turn the rotary?

Take a screenshot of the LightBurn rotary configuration dialog so we can see the active options.

I wonder if the machine was manufacturer-configured with the rotary on the U axis (or possibly Z axis), rather than the usual Y, so that enabling the rotary output disables the Y axis and confuses everything.

Page 39 of the manual shows Z function and Y Double Drive configurations, but does not explain the options.

Fiddling with those options may change what happens, perhaps in an informative way. Make sure you save the current configuration before changing anything, so that you can return to the status quo afterward.

Try tinkering and see what happens.


Im having this exact problem. Im using the Ruida 6445G

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the rotary is plugged in to the Y axis, as that is the one the moves when I have the rotary attached. The Z moves it platform up and down. My machine says the file was sent successfully to the machine but NOTHING happens

Check this post out for running rotary on a 6445

Which is unlike my situation, where the U axis moves the platform and the Z axis doesn’t even have connectors.

Perhaps the controller thinks the rotary should be connected to the U axis, so that when you plug it into the Y axis and enable the rotary function, nothing happens.

With the machine turned on and LightBurn connected:

  • Click on Edit → Machine Settings
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on Vendor Settings
  • Agree that you won’t change anything :grin:
  • Find the Y Double Drive line
  • If it has a dropdown menu, click on it
  • Take a screenshot showing those options

We’re trying to find out why, which requires some patience on both sides while eliminating many possibilities.

I’m getting the same results. Rotary works when “not enabled”. Rotary does not work when “enabled”. I have Ruida RDC6445G (EC)

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