Rotary not working

I think I have all of the changes made to light burn I don’t know what is going on
In rotary setup when I click test the X axis moves not the Y axis if I plugged the rotary into the X wire it moves the rotary when I run test.
When I try to engrave something it says
Unsupported or invalid g-code command found in block. Any thoughts?
I have used this laser on countless jobs never had a problem I have an ortur laser

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Check to ensure you are set to use the Y axis, not the A axis, in the rotary setup window.

Sorry about the user name I have the A checked in the rotary set up window.

There is no ‘A’ axis on the Ortur. You need to use the Y axis to drive the rotary. You unplug the cable from the Y motor and plug the Cable Extension from the Rotary into the Y cable.

There is a good tutorial just completed that shows how to set this up. Search on YRR Tutorial.

Here is one of our member generated tutorials that should help in getting things set up and going. Thanks @richfaraone!

Thanks Rick this is what I was looking for!