Rotary on x-axis?

Is there not a way to use the x-axis instead of the y-axis for rotaries? With diodes, the shape of the laser focus causes lines with the x-axis to be a lot finer and can have a lot more detail. Well I’ve learned the tumblers seem to come out a lot better when running the laser “with the grain” of the stainless steel. But to do this at 0 degrees instead of 90 I would need to set the rotary to X instead of Y, but I don’t see that as an option… I could have swore it used to be an option but I could be wrong.

I don’t know if there is an option officially, but you can of course just swap cables and turn the origin. The way the laser moves is just a matter of configuration, so that’s definitely possible.
But despite the beam shape, the mechanics in the y-direction is usually not that well suited for scanning along an object. There is more mass to be moved and sometimes additional motors etc. If you strive to enhance the beam shape, I think I would consider creating a new mount that turns the laser head by 90° instead of changing a pile of configuration. :slight_smile: A bracket could be easily designed for a 3D printer, I guess.

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Can you just rotate you rotary 90 degrees ? some you can some you can’t.

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