Rotary questions/suggestions

I have a 150w Ruida controlled Redsail. I am having problems with my rotary. I am going to change the plug but if that doesn’t work I need to buy a new rotary to finish a big job.
Question 1- is a rotary a rotary? Is a rotary for a 30w laser the same as one for a 150w?
I ask because the rotary i am looking at has a rating up to like 80 watts.
Question 2- can anyone recommend a decent rotary?

My rotary I bought from eBay says it’s for 50-100 w machines. It’s works for my 60w but I don’t know the differences between mine and a 150 other than tube size and power supply. I would find a seller and ask them to guide you to the product you need

Laser power shouldn’t matter. As long as the rotary fits inside your machine it will work. Different machines do have slight variations in the stepper motor types that they use.

As Isaac said, you will need to make sure a rotary fits in your machine and has enough clearance for your needs. This can be an issue with some rotaries that are too bulky. Make sure the phase type for the rotary’s motor matches your machine’s specifications. Some ebay rotaries are a hassle because they ship without a connection plug attached to the end of the cord.

There are three common design types - “hot dog roller”, chuck, and four wheel with rubber rims. Each design has its pluses and minuses. Google for discussions on these.