Rotary rolling too far with XTool D1

I did an engrave on a coated metal water bottle with Laser Box Basic and it came out great but I wanted to use Lightburn so I followed the YouTube video exactly. Every step. But my text that should be 17mm tall wrapped around the entire bottle almost. What did I do wrong? I can tell that it’s facing the right way, just too tall.

Did you set the mm per revolution in the rotary set up menu? I had things come out like that until I got that set to the right number.

I set it exactly like the video, 360.

Hmm, seems like 360 is too much. I know the chuck rotary is 1 something. Just for the heck of it, use half that number. The way that is stretched out is what happened to me when my number was too high. You can always calibrate it yourself. I wrap tape around the object, lower the laser power, then burn a narrow rectangle that is the length of the circumference of the object. Adjust that mm/rev number till the ends of the rectangle touch.

Well I saw the number 32 being thrown around but nobody said where they entered it. Maybe that’s it. I’ll do a little more research. I don’t want to waste another bottle, they’re not cheap.

My rotary sets at 128 mm/rotation. That setting is in the ‘rotary setup’ tab/button.
I use a wooden dowel to do my setup tests, way cheaper than a cup

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