Rotary rotating wrong, or wont rotate, or im stupid. or all of the above

Hello fellow laser users and/or lightburn support gods :wink:

so i have a rotary similar to this one. i plug it into the machine and the rotary… vibrates kinda… i hit the up arrow and it rotates in one direction, then in the opposite direction… using the same arrow.

what could it be? It makes a weird noise, and i dont know, im super frustrated. ive had it for about 3 months, used it maybe 3 times. is there… any software/drivers that maybe i should check? or… maybe something with the cable?

lightburn works awesome with the laser without the rotary.
i F***ing hate this rotary. but im such a newb im sure its me

the cable has 3 plugs, not 4, so according to cloud ray¨s site, its the 3phase model.
i did not purchase it from cloudray, but its identical to that one.

I’ve run into the shaky stepper motor in the past to quickly discover that one of the wires (or perhaps more than one) had escaped the connector, but not far enough to fall out.

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