Rotary Setup and Laser Settings Q?

Cohesion Laser Board using Smoothie and V 9.24 Lightburn

Hi, I am setting up my rotary and have completed the steps in the rotary setting and did some tests. That all seems to be good, BUT my piece jumps around like what the guy in this video Setting Up A Chinese Laser Rotary - YouTube talks about:

To set settings to not go so fast in rapid movement he goes to >Edit>Machine Setting (under the Device Settings) BUT in my Lightburn version 9.24 I don’t have a Machine Setting option? Don’t know if he is using Smoothie which I am and he is using V 9.11.

My Q: How do I save, edit etc the machine setting like what this guy shows starting at 18 minutes in the video Setting Up A Chinese Laser Rotary - YouTube

I need to slow something down so my piece doesn’t jump around on the rotary, similar to the issue he had. Any help about how to do this, or solve the issue is appreciated, and if you look at the start of that video my rotary looks like his.

Thank you in advance, Em

He’s got a Ruida (DSP) controller. Totally different animal.

Appreciate the reply.

Any idea for my setup if any way to do something similar to solve the issue when using the smoothie, Laser board by Cohesion and Lightburn?

Anyone know what setting/s in smoothie would slow it down - accomplish the task. I can take the card out of the laserboard if I have to in order to make any changes if I can’t access it from Lightburn. Thanks!

This might help: Rotary Setup - LightBurn Software Documentation

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