Rotary Setup Keeps Messing Up

I downloaded the new update and it screwed something up. I’ve been using my rotary just fine until I updated the software. Now when I try to enable and read the settings it comes back with error: settings could not be read from controller. I have a Ruida system. Also, had to re-enter the roller diameter and when I place the new number in it won’t store it. It goes back to 50.000 mm. Any help would be appreciated

What version were you running before? Nothing in the settings code has changed for some time, so this is surprising.

I believe it was the version .03 or just before that one. This version is DSP.

I was surprised too. Never had this issue until the recent release

Hopefully someone can help me figure this one out. Other hiccups I’ve been able to fix but this one…at a stand still. Forgot to mention Ruida RDC6442G with the most recent firmware. I believe its 9.00.58 or something close to .58. Haven’t had to update firmware yet. Came like that

Try reverting to the previous version of the software and see if that still works properly. If it does, that points to something I changed. If it doesn’t, it might be a coincidence.

Oddly enough, it reverted on its own. I thought you may have gone in and reverted it back to .03. Ya the settings are back for rotary and it looks as if it works. So something in .04 doesn’t like the setup

Ok I lied. It didn’t revert. I don’t know what is going on. Any help on how to revert to .03

Here’s a link to the version archive:

See if you can get the same exact thing to happen or not happen on previous versions.

Ok weird things happening haha. Top bar on the screen said version .04. then .03. Then now .04. Lol but now it’s working. I have no idea what happened there but it’s working now lol…I hope

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