Rotary setup not available

I have a problem. My new laser has the TL-410C controller. I want to operate my rotary unit, unfortunately there is no rotary setup in Lightburn. I searched every rider of the software, unfortunately I couldn’t find anything. I have a chuck unit. I would be really grateful for help.

Using a TopWisdom myself I know rotary support is in the works for this controller but not done yet.
TopWisdom was the latest controller added to this software and doesn’t have yet all the bells and whistles. I’m sure it’s coming soon.

Thank you for the info, now I am reassured

I have added most of the machine settings now, and so in the next release you will be able to use that at least to edit the rotary settings.

TopWisdom uses a different method than other controllers for the rotary configuration, so I have to experiment with how it functions before I add it to our rotary setup tool.

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