Rotary setup via y axis

I have an eBay 60w ruida 700x500. I have a rotary chuck. It plugs in to the y axis plug. I unplug the y axis and plug in the rotary tool. Other than swapping plugs with the power off does anyone have any suggestions for operating the rotary tool? Do I need to alter the vendor settings while using it? Should I even be using the y axis in the first place to plug it in or do I need to buy additional motor and set it up as a u axis? I ask this because I think when I used the rotary tool and then swapped it with the y axis it altered the step length and I had to reset the controller to clear up the issue.

For a Ruida you are required to use the Y axis for the rotary, so that’s completely normal. Power off the machine to swap the plugs, as doing this with the motor controllers on can damage them.

When you power on the machine, it will try to home - hit the Esc key on the controller to stop it, since the Y axis can’t home. Because of this, it’s most common to run rotary jobs in the “Current Position” mode.

Use the Tools => Rotary Setup menu to set up the rotary device step counts and job size, and enable the rotary toggle. When you’re done, turn the rotary enable toggle back off again and your step sizes should all be returned to what they were before.

You may also want to lower your “Idle Speed” in the machine settings when using the rotary, as this is the rate the head travels between cuts, and if it’s set too quick it can dislodge the work from a chuck rotary, or throw it right off a roller setup.

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Thanks for the info! I will play around with the idle speed and see how it goes. Also I am excited about the new update! Can’t wait to download it today!

“motor controllers” is = “motor driver”?

Yes, motor controller refers to the motor driver.