Rotary Setup Y Axis - Mini Gerbil

Just built and added a rotary to my K40. Everything works well once I understood the settings.
It is attached to the Y axis via a rotary switch (switches between Y and rotary).
I actually run my K40 from CNCJS on a PI. I can see when the gcode is loaded that the Y axis is obviously scaled when created by lightburn. I believe this leads to an issue I am having with the rotary speed being too high as when running a test square in line mode, although it is the correct size it runs too quick on the rotary axis. I understand this may not be an issue with rastering.
Any ideas?



This is just how it works when you don’t have a dedicated rotary axis. It will be fine when engraving. The only way to make it correct would be to adjust the steps per mm for the Y axis to give you proper output at 1:1 Y scale.

If you have a roller, you’d only need to do this for the diameter of the rollers. If you have a chuck, you’d need to do it for each object circumference you engrave.

You’d then have to revert back to the original settings to do flat work again.

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