Rotary spins at startup

My rotary spins very fast for 5 seconds every new startup very fast, the first time my glass dropped in the machine in pieces, can I stop this in the config or is this an other problem?

I know that my laser homes itself on startup, if I have the rotary attached it still homes (spins the rotary) but since the rotary has no limit switch I must manually push the Y-axis back to the limit switch to make it think it is done with the homing and stop spinning.

Since it is normally moving the X and Y axis the movement speed is pretty fast. On my laser I change the speed to about 5 mm/sec to make the rotary move very slowly, but I still do not load the cup until it has stopped spinning.

Hello Allen,

I think I must do that also, place the project after that the rotary has homing itself.
Thanks for the response.

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