Rotary stepper value setup

HI, iv just read a thread and got the answer i need i think, Im using a thunder laser with RDC644XG controller, im changing the step value in the rotary setup and its making no difference at all, Do i have to change the settings in the software on the U axis to make it work, it works fine on rdworks but no longer have a pc.


How old is your controller? Newer Thunder laser machines use the U axis output, but still respect the rotary settings as far as I’m aware. Which version of LightBurn are you running?

Thanks for your reply, my machine is 5 years old, im on the latest version of Lightburn too. The rotary works inn RDworks but as im using mac I don’t really want to buy a pc if this can be sorted.

If the machine is 5 years old it’s likely using the rotary setup before Thunder got the custom firmware, meaning it’s just scaling the output job vertically. I don’t have support for that yet, but it’s planned.

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