Rotary Steps and newbies (me)

I am trying to set up my rotary.
Chuck style with Ruida controller.
I saw where I was supposed to unplug my Y axis motor. However, my rotary works with it plugged in. Do I still need to unplug it?
Biggest problem: STEPS- to find the correct steps I create a 10mm (is that ok?) square, and run it on something in the rotary? An old cup?
Then if it’s off, change steps, and repeat?

Some machines have a switch over mechanism or 2nd motor driver that lets you leave the Y axis plugged in. If the rotary moves and your Y doesn’t then you’re probably fine.

For steps, start with something small, like a 10mm square, and adjust until you get that correct. Then make a pair of lines that are the circumference of your test piece apart. If your test piece is a 50mm tube, for example, circumference would be 50 x 3.14152654, or 157.07mm (and LightBurn will tell you this in the rotary setup window). Run the job, and if those two lines are exactly on top of each other then you’re good to go.

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