Rotary Steps per Rotation does not work

Hi, this is my first post so hope I have included all the information you need to help me.

I just purchased a Rotary Axis (chuck type) for my Black and Red 700 x 500 80W laser.

Controller is a Ruida RDC6445G(EC).

I calculated the Steps per Rotation to be 15,000 after watching the setup video by Matt from MW Laser Ep. 2 - LASER ROTARY ATTACHMENTS - Chuck Rotary Axis - Configuration, Settings - CNC Rotary Axis - YouTube
Same Machine, same driver except my ratio is 3:1 instead of 2:1 so my steps per rotation are 15,000, however, is does not matter what number I put in and write to the controller, the chuck will always spin 4 full revolutions.

Gear Ratio x Diameter Ratio (chuck) x Pulse/Rev = Circle Pulse (Pulses per rotation)
3 x 1 x 5000 = 15,000

I have spent the last two days searching for an answer, and find a few people had exactly the same issue, but there was no resolution found.

The only way i can get it to rotate a single 360 (when using the Test Button) is to adjust the Y axis calibaration, but this then changes the calibration for when i use the Y axis for linear cutting.

I have tried both Lightburn and RD Works, but both do exactly the same.

Please, can anyone help as this is driving me nuts.


Are you reading, adjusting and, most importantly, writing the setting back to the Ruida?

If you make a change and the behaviour stays the same, it says to me that you didn’t write it back.

I am having the exact same issue. Have not got it resolved yet either. I am having to divide my height by 1/2 before it is even close. My width is perfect but my height is severely skewed.

Have you used the rotary setup yet, and set your steps per rotation properly?

Hi, Just out of curiosity, are you using Ruida controller with Firmware V15.01.22?

I found another thread wiith someone having the exact same issue and using the same firmware as mine.


Hi all, just to let you know that I fixed this problem. It was the controller firmware. I down graded from .22 to .18 and now it all works perfectly. I will be writing to RuiDa this week to let them know. I now know of 3 people, including myself, that have exactly the same issue using version.22. Hope this helps

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Can you give me a link where to get that firmware downgrade?? Check in the video description

So, here is the latest update from my chat with Ruida… THEY DONT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. Did I shout that loud enough? Chatting to someone on WhatsApp at Ruida, I explained that there is a problem with their version V15.01.22, to which immediately they blamed me for not knowing how to use the controller or laser machine. I assured them that I did know and proved it by downgrading to version .18 and again upgrading to .22. I must have asked them at least 20 times to send me the V15.01.22 file to make sure the version I have is not corrupt, but they just fobbed me off with stupid comments and ignoring me completely, then saying their engineer does give them that file to give to the customer. They then said that I would need to send my controller back to them for them to install version .22 even though I told them I have done it many times, but they insisted I don’t know what I am doing. They know that customers will not send the product back to China as the cost in postage is more than the product is worth. I offered to send them the file to test, to which they said no need. I have been working in China and in manufacturing for more than 22 years and I know when I am being lied too by these factories. They know they have an issue with this version and won’t admit it. They made it very clear they will not help, and will certainly not send the customer any firmware to try and help fix a problem. All I can say from here is DO NOT BUY RUIDA PRODUCT. There is no backup service or help of any kind. I am now looking for an alternative controller that will do the job I need and that have customer service. Any suggestions? Ruida advertised that the controller I purchased will have separate controls for the Y and Rotary (U) Axis through RDWorks, but it doesn’t. On the control panel they operate separately, but through RDWorks or LB, it does not change from the Y Axis to the U Axis which is what .22 version is supposed to do. Waste of money and a waste of time. Hope this helps someone. Okay, rant over and back to work…

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Looking at your post, I suspect you were dealing with sales support. Think Telstra service desk trying to resolve a dns issue. You do need to understand that they are not native English speakers and that they, normally, would try to do their best to give you a happy ending. :slight_smile: That they said ‘our engineer doesn’t give us that’ is normal, too - they are trusted less than a pedo at a primarily school - with tech stuff. They got their job because they read and write and can almost speak English. Nuance is lost on them.

I understand it can be frustrating, but likely a lot less frustrating than a Chinese person calling the NSWDCS.

They didn’t deliberately set out to make things hard.

Have you spoken to the vendor of your machine or the place you bought the controller? That would be the normal channel for support. RuiDa isn’t a retail vendor and would not typically speak to an end-user.

And that is very normal in Chinese tech companies - they’re not just being dicks. They have a relationship with distributors, the distributors deal with the customer - that’s why they get massive discounts.

Here are the files for the 6445G. 19 might show internally as 18, but I believe it was a patched 18 that they didn’t change the internal version number on. I don’t have a 6445G handy to check.

Ver 22:
Ver 19:
Ver 15:

This is, to my best knowledge, the latest mainboard firmware for the 6445G: RDC6445G-HMI-V10.01.07

Upgrading firmware and expecting it to fix your problem is only half the job - there may have been changes in the .22 firmware that need setting, and it may need an accompanying HMI main board firmware change, as well. Again, your vendor should have that information.

What is difficult is getting revision information - like just what did they change, what is needed for that change, any additional parameters, etc. It’s usually a case of trial and error to save your existing config, and most especially, your vendor settings, read the existing config and save it, upgrade, read config and save it and do a comparison. I use what we geeks call a ‘diff tool’ - here’s an easy online one:

As to Ruida, they make the best DSP controllers for CO2 lasers out of China. I’m not changing any time soon. I have seen your level of frustration many times - it’s what pays the bills - and invariably I’m being paid to fix an incomplete revision because hobbyists/users think they’re engineers.

Not meant as a slight - it’s just the way it is. I hope you take it constructively.

These are complex devices, they aren’t intuitive and the software the companies use to develop them are years back in the toolchain. Again, understanding why that is results in less frustration.

And you are trying to integrate an accessory that they have no knowledge of.

Rotary engravers are notoriously fiddly to get right, but when you do, you’re laughing.

That your controller just doesn’t seem to understand how to talk to the device says to me, there’s something not right in the device that you’re not accounting for in the firmware config. That no matter what you do, it rotates too much says there’s a setting not right.

And, as I said before, it would be unusual for a company like Ruida to put out a release that has less functionality than before.

I think you need to go back and step-by-step your .18 config and see that when you update to .22, there isn’t a new ‘feature’ that is unpopulated.

It’s annoying and laborious and a pain in the arse, but if you want your machine to run properly, that’s what youre going to have to do.

And understand you bought one of the cheapest-made machines (where are Red and Black based, again?) from some anonymous eBay seller and you have not necessarily received the best QC.

I’m confident this problem can be fixed, despite you knowing of three other people that have had the problem - for no other reason than that Ruida have probably sold tens of thousands of that model controller.

Just as an FYI, the place I source my machines and parts from has a crew that are all ex Beijing University physics lab grads. They are PhDs, MEng, EE, etc. their machines are set up impeccably and I’ve never needed to change firmware except for external damage needing a new board. If your machine came with .22, it should work. If it didn’t come with .22, why did you change it?

And lastly, if it works with .18, why the fuss?

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@DeanR I’m in NZ, I could easily do a Skype call if you need someone to bounce stuff off. But it would have to be the weekend.

Drop me a msg if you do and we can arrange a man date. If not the weekend, Friday night is good, but I may or may not consume some fine craft IPA and pizza and end up wanting to talk sh!t about the Reds and the Brumbies. :slight_smile:

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