Rotary "steps per rotation" no changing

I can change the steps per rotation on the machine and in lightburn but they do not actually change. It keeps going back to 10000 no matter what I do. The circumference will stay changed but not the steps per rotation.

This is worth review: Redirecting...

In particular, this:

Note: If you are using a DSP controller (Ruida, etc), when you change the rotary setting you need to power-cycle the controller, as some of the internal logic isn’t adjusted for the rotary setting unless you do this. Change the setting, close the Rotary Setup window to write the change to the controller, then power off the control board and power it back on. You will likely need to press the Esc (or stop) button on the controller to prevent it from trying to home itself, as the Y axis will not home properly.

The first few days I had my rotary I about drove myself to madness trying to change rotary parameters, not realizing that they weren’t something saved with the .lbrn file and that the machine actually had to be ON in order for anything useful to happen.

I probably still have a faint “ERTYUIOP” mirror imaged on my forehead from banging my head against the keyboard.

LOL, live & learn.

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