Rotary system U ruida rdc6445s , rotate until error occurs

I installed a rotary system for my riuda rdc 6445s machine, the rotary is ortir ycr 1.0.

I installed the rotary on the U axis with an individual motor controller for the U axis and it had errors that lightburn did not recognize it but I managed to get lightburn to detect it and be able to record on the U axis

The problem is that when sending the file the rotary rotates until it fails Due to overflow, it appears as if it did not have enough space to record which would not be the case. I already configured the steps of the rotary motor but I still have this error, It appears as if it were at Y coordinates 1100 and when you press continue it only records the X axis

Is this a chuck type?

If so, when you press test in the rotary gui, does it rotate one complete rotation and back?

If it’s not a chuck type, does the driving wheel rotate one complete rotation and back?

It’s always nice if you can provide a link to the rotary that you own…

I think I found it as a chuck type?

This is usually caused by your setup. The artwork is attempting to drive the machine outside it’s defined physical work area.

I set the rotary up, move the head where I need it, then press origin on the machines console. I then set start from → user origin.


Hello, after a week I was finally able to make it work, in fact today when I opened this forum I was working with the machine until I achieved it.

I just needed to disable the positioning of 0 in Y that makes the machine return to zero, using only the “coordinates by the user”

Once that is done, place the machine at the origin where you want to record, and in lightburn use the origin as if the machine were in the lower left corner, then I will make a very detailed write-up.

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