Rotary Text Position Issue

Hello there!

I own a 50W CO2 with Ruida controller.

I just set up my rotary for the first time.

Watched plenty of Youtube videos and read these forums as well. I have managed to properly setup the step counts and roller diameter when I run the test inside Rotary Setup the rotary completes one full rotation.

I am having issue where text appears as if it is doing “the wave” take a look at the attached images and see if anyone can help me out, I am completely lost at this point.

Thanks so much!

That looks like your work piece is slipping on the rollers, probably during the rapid move between letters.
You may need to turn down “idle speed” acceleration and/or speed in machine settings or contrive some way to get better traction on your rollers.

Hello Hank!

Thanks for the reply!

I have already adjusted those to 20mm/s and that doesn’t appear to be my issue, as I watch it engrave it doesn’t move around on the rollers at all.

I am just stumped. Thanks for your help, I do appreciate it.

You’ve adjusted what to 20mm/s?

In Machine Settings, what is your idle acceleration set to?



I adjusted the idle speed, not the idle acceleration let me give that a shot!


Hello again Hank!

Adjusted that 100, still having the same issue.

Transfer tape, by its nature, is as slippery as buggery. So is blue/green painters tape, white paper tape, etc. Try some simple clear sellotape/scotch tape as used for parcels over the top where the rollers are and see if you get better traction.

A customer has slices of inner tubes from bicycles to motorcycles to cars that he slips over the end of difficult jobs, and that never fails to give good traction

EDIT: you will need to trim the seam from the inner tube, or you will get a little bump. A craft knife does the job.

Hello Bo!

I will give that a shot!

Just wanted to provide a photo and video of my last test. Does it appear to be slipping? It doesn’t look like it to me but maybe it is just small amounts.

CLICK HERE to view the video

Hi Keyshaun,
I find glass items are generally uneven with minor inaccuracies and are rarely perfectly round. Also, consider if the rollers are running on the thread of the jar or glass bumps around base and level to laser head. Fast movements of Y axis of the laser can make the item slip on rotary. Even when not noticeably to the eye it is enough to disrupt the image. I prefer to use bitmap images on glass for more consistent outcome.
Hope something here has helped :slight_smile:

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