Rotary to spin/rotate on X axis

I have a Thunder Laser Nova 51, Ruida I’m told. Is it possible to change the rotary from Y axis to X? I have a long bat to do and only have 51" via Y available. Thanks

Not using the standard rotary settings, no.

You could do it by adjusting your X axis settings manually, and then run the scan with the angle set to 90 degrees, but you’d have to tinker with it to get the step settings correct, and then just restore them to what they were when you’re done.

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Any idea how to try that?

I’ve more or less laid it out above:

  • plug the rotary into the X axis
  • set the Angle of your fill to 90 so the laser runs front to back instead of side to side
  • set the X step length to make the object rotate the correct amount for a given size
  • lower the X speed and acceleration so you don’t spin the object off the rotary
  • write down everything you change so you can change it back when you’re done

I only have the Y axis with a plug for the cable. Also in the Lightburn settings I see Y, Z and A Axis but Y is the only available due to the fact that it will not deselect/

You won’t be able to use the rotary settings at all for this. It’s not supported by the controller itself, and the rotary setting dialog is only for changing the rotary settings supported by the controller.

If you can’t physically plug the rotary into the X axis motor controller, I think you’re dead in the water.

OK, thanks for the help. I figured there might be a way to think outside the box a bit.

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