Rotary too fast - appears to be using mm per rotation as the circumference in calculations

So everything seems to be working right, except the speed it rotates is too fast. If I put a 40mm pattern in for a 40mm circumference object, everything is to scale and as expected - except that the y axis travels too fast.

Telling the machine to move 4mm on the Y axis gives me 360 degrees of rotation. Problem is, if I tell it to move 40mm at 40mm per minute, and my object diameter is 40mm it should take one minute to rotate, right?

Well, right now, if I want it to burn correctly, I have to squish my design down to 4mm per 360 degrees, and tell the rotary setup, that it’s 4mm per rotation, and my object is 4mm in circumference.

What controller and rotary are you using?

The rotary is a simple custom setup, a 200-step per rotation stepper motor currently with a 1:1 belt drive setup to the axle that holds the part.

The controller is a Camtool v3.3, running GRBL 1.1f

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