Rotary trouble shooting

Can you help please. I’m trying to set up my rotary chuck unit on my 150 wt 6090 Koenig laser running Ruida 644xs. The rotary unit is off my cnc router controlled by Mach3 and configures perfectly at 10 steps per unit. ie: 360 deg = 360 units. In lightburn if I set up rotary at 360 steps per rotation I get a wild back and forward shimmer that lasts for 10 seconds or so, then 6.25 orderly rotations.!! It will do the same thing for 300, 200, 100 steps but will only shimmer and shake for any other configuration i’ve been able to conjure up. I’m overlooking something. Can anyone help please.

I don’t have a rotary, but am in the market…

What is a ‘unit’? Most of these are the number of steps for a complete rotation and I’m sure it’s more than 360. I think it’s your configuration that’s incorrect.

Did you go through the Lightburn Rotary Setup?

Go up to the search bar for the site and type ‘rotary’. There’s lots of conversations about it and Lightburn.


I would say it is 3600 not 360. 360 pulses per rotation is doubtful

Configuration is a combination of this rotary, the stepper driver that’s being used (now on the laser machine) when you move this rotary from your Mach 3 driven motion control, and the settings within your controller.

When you “set up rotary at 360 steps per rotation”, you’re interfacing with / configuring the Ruida controller’s rotary axis. This needs to take into account the driver and it’s DIP configuration.

Thankyou for the responses. Jeff, I took onboard your mention of the driver DIP configuration and dived right in. Tried every combination that made sense and all the others that didn’t. Could get close but always got a terrible shimmer/shake before and after the rotations. I’ve given up and returned the rotary unit to the cnc router and will buy a dedicated unit for this laser machine. Thankyou all for your responses.

It is possible the driver or the PSU on the laser was not adequately sized for that motor.

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