Rotary Use with Ruida

First of all, my thanks to Robert P for his suggestions on slowing down my rotary. I now have an another problem that I hope someone can help with. When engraving anything with the rotary fixture, the first part of a letter or silhouette starts out flat, as if it is missing the first couple of lines of the file. I tried a tip I saw on a video that suggested that I put a rectangular box around the area to be engraved and simply unselect the output. That didn’t work any better, so I tried it again with output selected, but the laser power at zero and I am getting the same results. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Can you post a picture illustrating this? Also, it will help to know the type of rotary you have (chuck, roller, phone… :slight_smile: ).

From the above:
If you end up with a flat part at the ‘bottom’ of the engraving, it means your rotary gear mechanism has backlash. In general, tightening any belts in the rotary device will fix this, but if not, you can place a small line a few mm below the bottom of your design, set to very low power, like 0.1%, and set it as the first layer to run. The rotary will spin to this position, then back up over that few mm of gap, and will take up the backlash with that movement.

Oz & Jeff:
Thanks for the tips. I have attached a jpg that shows what is happening. This is typical when using the rotary. This is not an expensive rotary, but has worked well, with this exception. I checked the belt and it is very tight and there is no way to adjust the tension, anyway. I have tried ball bearing in the glass and recently installed a tensioner that presses the glass against the drive wheels. All to no avail. I will try again with some lines (at minimum power) to see if that will work. Any other tips would be appreciated. Thanks again for your help. Lightburn and everyone associated with the program and the blog are always helpful.

Great tip! I put a couple of lines ahead of my design, set the power at one percent and the engraving turned out perfect! Thanks for all the support we get from the LightBurn staff.

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