Rotary will not stay connected? Keeps disconnecting every 5-10 minutes and crashing

Hello! Hoping I can get some insight here as iv’e been struggling with getting this to work.

I have a 4 wheel rotary that I got back in April.

I originally had it set up on my Mac back in April- however every 5-10 minutes Lightburn continued to disconnect me, the laser head would slam to the left or right and then lightburn would crash. Spent a few days trying to get it to work and ended up using a family member’s Window’s laptop which solved the issue.

I just tried to load my rotary last week and much to my surprise- same issue now on the Windows unit. The rotary sometimes connects and then not even 10 minutes later- the nozzle slams to the right or left and I have to turn my machine off. Sometimes when I try to enable the rotary it crashes Lightburn.

I tried using the most recent version and the older versions of Lightburn on both Mac and Windows- same issue. Had our network checked and everything else is fine. I have no issues with my normal laser jobs- something about the rotary being enabled is throwing it for a loop.

I am running Lightburn on my OMTech 60w machine. My Mac has Catalina and the Windows computer has Windows 10.

Does anyone have any advice on things I can try? Iv’e tried installing updates, restarting, etc- you name it. I cannot figure out how to get this rotary to stay connected. I also tried using it through USB on both my Mac and Windows unit which didn’t work; although I primarily use my laser through wifi/ ethernet- which again works fine for my normal standard jobs, but will not keep the rotary connected.

I’m open to any suggestions!

Thank you!

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