Rotary Won't Turn

I have a Boss LS1630 100 watt. My rotary is enabled. I run have current position selected, run the frame sequence with no problem, it turns the cup. When I run the job it won’t turn the cup. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? No problems with it until last night. One job ran perfect, then the others won’t.

Things to check -

  • In ‘Cuts’ window make sure ‘Output’ is ticked ON
  • In ‘Laser’ window tick ON (green) ‘Enable Rotary’
  • In Laser’ window, check the status of ‘Cut Selected Graphics’. If ON select the graphics you want to be cut. Turn OFF to cut all objects set to graphics in ‘Cuts’ window.

Have you tried to run this job from RD software that came with your Boss?

Everything is as you described. I don’t use RD because I’ve use a mac. The first job glass ran perfectly, then it stopped working.