Rotate by 2 decimals

Is there a way to rotate an object by 2 decimals? Like 12.25? It seems to only go to 1 decimal (12.2)

In our experience, it’s next to impossible to see the difference between 12.2 and 12.25 degrees, so to save UI space we only allow 1 decimal.

Okay, I will cut out the pattern once and see if all the pieces fit.

This isn’t real elegant, but if you have a shape that is at 0 degrees. Here is a rectangle.

Now do a circular array. Enter what you see in yellow, and hit OK.

Delete the 1st and 3rd rectangle.

You are left with a rectangle that is rotate 11.25 degrees. It will list out as 11.2 degrees with the measure tool, but I verified that it is 11.25 degrees in CAD.

You can achieve other 2-4 decimal place rotations using circular array provided they divide into 360.

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Thanks, I will give that a try.

My particular issue is a gear shaped circular array of 32 parts that should align. it ends up a few degrees short or a few degrees of overlap. I humbly request revisiting the idea of giving it more decimal places.

I’ve added another decimal place for the next release.


Thanks, that really will make these types of things much easier to do and more accurate when dealing with many parts in a circle.

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