Rotated image problem

Imported 2 different images (portrait) and cloned the 2nd one a few times. Had to rotate the final 2 to fit so I simply did a 90 rotation. Looked fine on the screen.

Upon engraving I noticed it cut off the rotated images. Checked the preview…and its cut off on the preview as well. (my bad, I should have checked the preview before I even started).

I thought the image rotation was fixed a while ago? Is this still an issue being worked on?


You are most likely using pass-through, which means “don’t resample this” then rotating in LightBurn, which requires resampling. It should be working now for perfect 90 degree angles.

If you can send the file I’ll have a look. I might have set the tolerance for when to kick in the special case 90 handle too tight.

Yes, it was passthrough. However it was a true 90 degree rotation using the menu bar. I typed in 90 and hit enter. (Did not manually rotate with the corners)


Where do I send the file?

You can send the requested file to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com.

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