Rotation angle display would be helpful

can someone please tell me where i can see the ANGLE of an object being rotated…during free rotation?

i am aware that if i know the required angle i can directly type it, but it seems much more helpful to display the angle during free rotation, rather than the current updating of x and y, which in that scenario is irrelevant.

If there was a way to lock the free rotation to 45 or 30 degree increments it would be very helpful. Sort of like how holding the Shift key while dragging a line forces the line tool to draw at 90 degree angles.

Holding down the Control Key (CMD? in Mac) while rotating will cause the detent of rotation at 5° increments.

I can see that having an angle reference in the shape properties panel would be useful. Perhaps it’s in the forum section for requests/suggestions already and can be voted up?

On Windows 7 or 10 - Are you sure about the control key and 10 deg increments? I just tried it and was able to rotate to what seemed to be any angle I wanted (certainly closer than 10 deg apart) while holding down the control key.

Rotating 10 small increments (while holding the control key) seemed to be about 45 degrees of rotation. So I know the detent is 4.5 degrees at least.

I was incorrect. I’m unable to perform multiplication or repetitive addition today. It is a five degree increment that gets the detent. It’s easiest to see with large objects, at least from a testing standpoint.

Windows 7

So the 5 deg detent does not seem especially helpful (at least for me). If the detent could be changed to 15 that would be better.

I’ve added a feature request to the appropriate location. Vote for it here:

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