Rotatry problem

I have a rotary unit for our engraver. For filled engravings it works perfect but for outline there is a huge problem that I’ve not seen before. Anyone having a clue what it may be? The lines don’t match up after a while. Attaching an example. I have calibrated the y-axis so that I can perfectly engrave around the whole object so I don’t think that part is the issue.

Unfortunately I can not offer any advice, however I am interested in seeing some of the responses. Best of luck. Fingers crossed it works out.

Is it a roller rotary or a chuck style? I would suspect it’s a roller, and the item is simply slipping on the rollers - this is quite common. If you want to use vector marking (line mode) with a roller rotary, you need to turn the Y axis acceleration down quite a lot, and possibly the Y maximum speed as well, or make sure the rollers are really sticky, so items can’t slip.

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It’s roller. I beleive you’re right. Maybe they’re too slippery. I have turned down Y speed and acceleration to very low values. It has worked so good before so that’s why I was suspecting that maybe it was something else causing it.

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