RoutCarve - a request

LightBurn have you considered diversifying into a similar product. You actually have the foundation/code to branch into another CNC direction. There is NO stand-alone CNC Router - Design to Sender program, like your LightBurn. Easel and Carveco are both internet based and require a monthly fee that is prohibitive to Hobbyists & retirement-fix-budget users.

LightBurn offers me the ability to install it on my notebook and design anywhere, any time. I do not need the internet.

Many CNC’ers never intended to become a home business just a home Christmas present-maker and mastering the techno challenges filling the big retirement void.

I bought your LightBurn (sight unseen, and have yet to burn anything) but I’ll be the first to buy your RoutCarve (lack of a comparable name) program providing you add one feature to match and exceed your competition (that is missing in LightBurn). That being an Artwork Element Creator, users can design/import/share and call into RoutCarve as many open sourced artwork elements for easy inclusion into an overall carving design.

The first one to support the growing CNC-Routing market will win over the monthly fee online competitors. The market is need of companion to LightBurn for CNC-Router carvers!

It’s something we’ve discussed internally, but it would require some additions:

  • The concept of tools (shape, diameter, length)
  • Offset pockets (which we now have)
  • Respecting tool diameter (kerf) when doing fills
  • Better Z control
  • A preview that allows 3D navigation

I’m hoping to hit a couple other more ‘2d’ devices first, like vinyl cutters, plotters, plasma cutters, etc, on the way to full 2.5d CNC control.