Rubber-Band Framing Issue

I’ve been using the rubber-band framing feature without any problems until I upgraded to 1.0.6 two days ago, (yah, I know, I had a quiet moment where I could update my software and my firmware). When I opened a job that was using T1 to frame the image, and pressed Shift+Rubber-Band Frame, it framed the box not the image. I changed it to T2 and it worked as it should. The following day I opened the same job and T2 started doing the same thing, so I switched the box back to T1. It seems that every time I open and close the same job I have to switch between T1 and T2 to get RBF to work correctly. Is there an issue with 1.0.6 or am I doing something wrong. BTW, it was doing this before I upgraded my firmware to OLF 1.75 so I don’t think it’s my OLM2 Pro.

This is really interesting. If you’re willing to share your LightBurn file in the forum i’d be happy to try it on my computer.

Sorry for the late reply, I’ll post it tomorrow when I can get back on the PC it’s connected to. I don’t think there is a problem with the file, just the way the software is acting after the update. I do need to do some more testing though, try another file or make a new one. I’ll let you know what happens.

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