Rubber band framing with Ikier Ultra - no crosshairs

Agreed on all counts.

I had a draft of something similar locked and loaded but decided I didn’t want to antagonize while I still had outstanding questions.

I obviously can’t speak to their internal workings, but Ikier was recently acquired by Atomstack and the Ikier K1 is effectively identical to the Atezr L2. You may be on to something with the third party idea.

I honestly don’t expect I’d be prevented from rolling back, but the machine works pretty good now. I’d hate an update to break something and be stuck. Just thought I’d ask to be safe. Dealing with their support is a lesson in both patience and futility, so far as I’ve experienced, so I don’t really see a firm answer forthcoming. We’ll see. They’re timely at least. I have yet to see an email go unanswered within 24hrs during the workweek.

New reply from Ikier. Surprisingly cogent. I’m beginning to think they have a tiered support staff structure where emails first pass thru a low level staffer and, if pressed, they escalate to somebody with better English and more tech/product knowledge.


Hello Chris,

You can scan the QR code of the label on the machine, if there is any update of the firmware, our technical department will also synchronize the update to the QR code.

The latest version is 1.499, you can update your machine to 1.499.

The version is reversible. You can also revert to an older version.

Thank you for your understanding and support!


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