Rubber stamp video

im new to this and im trying to make a simple rubber stamp, is there a video I can watch to do such a thing. ie 123456789

LightBurn does not currently have a video specifically focused on stamp making. LightBurn does provide for setting a ‘Ramp Length’ to support the edges of a stamp and you can see this effect via the ‘Preview’ window. The “Stamp” text on the top has a ‘Ramp Length’ set where the bottom does not.

Putting a border around the item to engrave means that the text is left standing while the around around it is removed, and the Ramp Length gives the item sloped sides for extra strength.

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my cut settings editor looks different, I don’t have the ramp length box

Are you editing the settings for a fill layer? (It only works for fills)

Do you have “Beginner Mode” enabled in the global settings? That mode hides a bunch of things that are seldom used by new users, and Ramp Length is one of them.

that was it. thank you

Just remember to mirror your text, otherwise the stamps might be a little bit hard to read. :slight_smile:


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