Rudia 6442s issues

Hi there I connected my rotary to my red and black 60w and it worked fine but when I unplugged it and set my drive back to the original settings my axis are not correct my Y axis will only go half way down the bed but on the controller screen it says it has travelled 500mm but on measuring it has moved about 250mm or so, what am I missing? I did a factory reset too hoping that would help but it did not, I restored my settings back from help on the rdworks forum so I am back where I was after the rotary was unplugged, the X axis is working perfect.

Thanks Kevin

With the laser connected to the computer, go to Tools > Rotary Setup and turn off the rotary. Exit that window to commit the change, then reset the controller.

i already did :frowning: thats when i realised the issues with the size of the bed :frowning: not sure if it is a stepping problem or not and im not sure what numbers are supposed to be in there now :frowning:

Did you change your Y step length at some point while trying to get the rotary to work? That’s a common mistake. You can use the ‘Calibrate Axis’ feature in the Machine Settings to get it back again. If it’s moving half as far as it should, cut the step length for the Y axis in half and try that.

i will give it a go when i get home :slight_smile: i may of possibly changed something when i was using the rotary as i used the same rotary on my K40 previously and i copied the settings from there with the steps to 300 i think but when it read the controller it pulled back 10000, will let you know how i go and thank you :smiley:

ok were making progress lol i now have the whole bed when i move my laser head :slight_smile: next problem is that it wont fire now :frowning: not when i do a burn or also when i press the pulse button :frowning:

scratch that last one its firing great now :slight_smile: had to do a little calibration on the x axis but its perfect now :slight_smile: thanks again for your help its greatly appreciated :smiley:

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