Ruida 644 seen in Lightburn but wont move within lightburn

I have updated my Lightburn software and it is connected to the Laser via Ethernet. The ruida controller is seen but when I attempt to move gantry via Lightburn it wont move. Is there something I’m missing here. Thanks all

Doublecheck the IP address and make sure the address on the controller still matches the one you have set in lightburn.

Yes I did and can actually ping the address and its active it shows up under devices in Lightburn.

Try sending a job to the laser, see if it will load.

I should have asked this first, Does it say disconnected in the Laser window?

I decided to try and connect using USB and now can upload files and move the laser. Thanks for the help.

No Worries, but it should work fine via ethernet.
If you decide to give it another try, try deleting your original device from the device list and manually creating a new one. Hopefully you can get it all working again!

Ethernet is much more dependable…

If it’s ready in the laser window, it’s connected and should work.

If you are plugging it into your lan, the Ruida is a static IP machine, ensure your router is configured that way.

Good luck


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