Ruida 6442 vis-a-vis Ruida 6445 -- and firmware upgrades

Is there any difference in functionality between the Ruida 6442 and 6445 controllers as far as Lightburn is concerned?

I bought the Ruida 6445 upgrade not realizing that my machine came with a 6442. I’m wondering if it is worth the time and effort to replace the 6442 with the 6445 – or if I should return/sell the 6445.

Lastly, does the Ruida 644X firmware ever get upgraded? How does one go about doing that . . . if it happens?

Firmware updates are available every now and then for I installed a couple for the´6442G however they are not published openly and if you think you require one you can write ruida on their facebook site sometimes they answer.
Not sure if there are other differences except for the bigger screen.
which firmware do you have installed on the 6442?
Not sure if you can update the firmware through Lightburn, from RDWorks you can upload a .upd for your controller.


I have a Top Wisdom I’m considering converting to Ruida. I have asked around about the difference between them, but no answers so far. There also seems to be an S and a G version. Might be interested in your controller if you’re not going to keep it. Drop me a line.


Hi, Dave. Thanks for writing.

I think the difference might be in what software you’re using. You might get something out of these videos:

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