Ruida 6445G Network problems

Ruida 6445G Network problems

Can’t get my Ruida controller to link to Lightburn wirelessly. I’ve read 10 other posts on this issue as well as the official Lightburn FAQ on the topic- still stuck. USB works fine. My router IP is, my laptop phone and other devices all show up in DHCP reservation as,2,3,4,5, etc. I’ve assigned the laser on the Ruida controller. I have restarted all devices. I’ve tried a number of different IP assignments for the controller. I have pinged the laser with network utility (macOS) and got “request time out”, “host is down”. After setting up the device manually in Lightburn and assigning the above IP, i get “no device found”, and “File transfer failed”. The network icon on the controller shows a red mark.

So… what’s next?

Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 7.05.29 PM

did you fill out the gateway address (your routers ip) in the settings on your laser?


Have you seen this video?

Hope it helps you Good Luck



Check your router and see if WiFi is bound to a certain range of addresses.
You should also be able to define a range for DHCP and for static address.

What is your 6445G plugged into? Do you have a WIFI unit / adapter on the laser itself? The controller does not do WIFI on its own, so you’ll either need a WIFI adapter that the controller is connected to, or you’ll have to use a network cable.

I believe that this is the unit that is needed



This is the piece no one else has mentioned.

“I’ve assigned the laser on the Ruida controller”

Our very own @LightBurn has :wink:

I use my laptop with wireless connection to an accesspoint, cable to my router, cable to my ruida 6442G,

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