Ruida 6445G Runs the last program on start-up

Every time I start or reset my controller (Ruida 6445G) It homes, goes to the last position and runs the last program in memory. Has anyone seen this behavior? It just started doing it…
It should not just start running on startup. Could be dangerous if the laser was on…


No, this is not normal behaviour.

Is this with any job stored in the on-board file list or only a specific one? The first in the list? Is LB connected and running?

There’s a connection on the controller labeled '‘FootSW’ (on the 6442 series the connector is labeled CN2). That connection is used to start and pause jobs using a foot switch. If that pin were being shorted to ground somehow, that could trigger a file to start.

I have never heard of this happening before, but this is a possible way I can imagine it could happen.

Ha, thanks OZ it was the dam e-stop… It was triggered and I had it wired into the foot switch. Pulling it out…
PS Love LightBurn…


That’s a new one! I do love these puzzle games. :slight_smile:

Just curious as to why the estop is wired to the footswitch? That makes no sense to me and seems to defeat the whole reason to have an estop.

I’m assuming it was in error, and possibly meant to be wired through the ‘door’ input, which would halt the machine. Those two pins are next to each other.

OK, that makes sense to me now. I am used to Estops breaking the incoming AC circuit killing everything on a machine, not just disabling the beam.

The e-stop being wired to the foot switch would kill a running job, but isn’t what I would consider a true e-stop (as the foot switch is a controller command). An e-stop should be a hard stop / mains disconnect kill.

You never know what could go wrong. A running job isn’t the only thing an e-stop protects. For example, the other day I was auto focusing and my focus block moved slightly and I was headed for a crash. E stop to the rescue. I’m not even sure if the foot switch would stop auto focus.

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Yeah, it was a mistake.
Thanks for all the feedback…