Ruida 6445g will frame but will not cut

i got a CO2 laser with Ruida 6445g, it worked fine for some time with Lightburn then t changed my computer, now i am having a problem
lightburn connected to laser by usb , lightburn detected my laser and controller, framing from the software is working fine, however when pushing the play button nothing happens, sending the job to the laser will go well on the software side and it will give a duplicating message if the file name is already in the laser machine however when i go to the controller, and select the file i want to cut, the display will not show me the image
RdWorks is working fine but i like to work with Lightburn for engraving
if anyone out there had this problem kindly help

This isn’t right. I know of no way to disable this from occurring.

It sounds like it’s working correctly, as far as Lightburn sending the file and the Ruida seems to think it got it…

Does your machine engrave but not cut … will it lase at all?

You can check the controller, which has a few leds to inform you of what’s happening… I’d check the err led…


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