RUIDA 6445G wrong button action

Hello. I have a chinese laser 100W with Ruida 6445G controller. My laser started doing something really really wrong today.

  1. When pressing the ESC key, the laser moves to the left (X Axis)
  2. When pressing Origin button, it automatically does Frame (without me actually pressing Frame button)
  3. When pressing File, firstly it opens the Power menu then in a split second it goes in File (where it should’ve been the first time)
    I did not update the controller or anything like that, the issues just suddenly began on their own. Any thoughts? Did someone encounter this problem? Thanks.

What firmware is on your controller? The last one I have for public release is V15.01.30

Sorry for the late reply, I have RDC-V15.01.18

OUCH, that’s an old firmware. Lots of changes have been made, and the newer software requires newer firmware. I have it in a folder at the top of my Google Mod Page. See if updating it will help. All sorts of weird things happen with old firmware.

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