Ruida 6445G: Z Axis Linkage?

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I am planning to Install a Ruida RDC6445G in my custom laser. The Manual of the Controller says that it is capable to Link to steppers for the Z Axis. But no word how to set that up. Anyone here who uses that kind of controller with two Z Stepper Motors?

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When wiring the stepper drivers from the controller run 2 sets of the same step, direction and + or - (whatever type signal you will be using) for the z axis. Both sets will be connect to the same pin at the controller and run one set to one driver and one set to the other.

Or run one set from the controller to one driver then piggy back off that driver to the other driver.

Run each stepper to one driver.

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Watch rotation direction. If the motors are facing the opposite way, you have to swap the coil polarity. Test them with nothing hooked to them to make sure they rotate correctly.

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I have this controller and drive two stepper controllers from the one Z axis output. Has worked flawlessly.

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As the manual explicitly mentioned the capability of linking z-axis I was searching for a setting to activate :wink:

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