Ruida 644xg inconsistisy

Is there any way to get a reliable laser output on this laser. I am a new owner of this machine and am
baffled by the lack of a consistent lasering. Are there constraints one should stick to, eg using only a certain power & speed. I was trying to cut 2.9mm mirror perspex, did some cutting tests, ran at the chosen setting and got terribly inconsistant cutting ( it was a full page of shapes). I also do a lot of reverse lasering using the dpi setting 400-500 usually, and am getting a lot of broken or un-engraved
lines (using Melamine coated 3mm mdf). Has the laser tube weakened?, What can be done to rectify
this problem? Would using the ethernet connection help at all?
I don’t mind spending on rectifying the problem

You don’t give much information to help. CO2 laser? Wattage? If CO2 laser, then constant temperature provided by properly set up chiller will give more consistent results.

As @patricr identifies, we need more information.

Show us what you are seeing when you say, “…ran at the chosen setting and got terribly inconsistant cutting ( it was a full page of shapes).”

Please define “this laser”.

Sorry, but I am not following you here. On “this laser”? Are you saying you have been able to successfully run multiple jobs on this laser previously (“…do a lot of reverse lasering…”)?

There are so many variables to consider e.g.,

  • Bed size
  • Tube manufacturer (assuming this is a glass tube machine and not an RF Laser)
  • Tube wattage
  • Lens type, manufacturer, focal length
  • Mirror type
  • Chiller brand and model
  • Laser power supply manufacturer
  • mA demand at some percentage levels of power
  • stepper motor size / phases
  • stepper driver manufacturer
  • if the steps have been calibrated
  • has the bed been calibrated / leveled
  • has the laser PSU been calibrated
  • your controller settings (this could make a list on its own 20+ items long)
  • is this machine new or did you buy it second hand
  • have you at any time had expected results with the machine
  • have you verified optical alignment all of the way through each extreme of X and Y
  • is your lens holder plumb
  • are you utilizing air assist and if so at what PSI
  • are you utilizing fume extraction and how effective is it
  • are you sharing any other large loads on the same electrical branch circuit as the laser
  • are you running the entire “shop” of your laser on a single branch circuit / breaker (laser machine, air assist, extractor, computer
  • can you provide illustration of your results
  • can you attach a lightburn project file that may have more of an unexpected result than others

So the more information you can provide, the more others may be able to help you.

Sorry guys and gals, Mattie here, the laser is CO2 60 watt, the results I am Getting is on the cutting
side, they are, one line nicely cut for about 1/3 of its length- 450mm then it goes into a section of
virtually a non cut or more of a half cut, if I repeat the cut it mostly does the same, with a small bit
of am improvement, I ran the cuts for about an hour with very little improvement (I am trying to cut
2.9mm mirror perspex, and I even put masking tape over it, thinking the mirror face was weakening the
power by reflecting the beam, you will try anything to try and get the job done!)
I was running some reverse engraved Melamine coated MDF this morning, and now the laser has its
operational (moving and receiving, electronics etc all working, had done about ten tests 42mm circles)
and the Darling French (Chinese) laser stopped working, still receives and goes to origin but doesn’t
fire up. I checked the tube and water supply etc, everything running normally and cool. I’ve switched all
power off and let it possibly reset itself ( I have heard some miracles do work, something to try).
Well, I thought I’d test my theory, It still wont run my graphic, at all, goes to the origin ok, but B all is
happening, so I opened a new file, did a bit of text, some squares & rectangles and well they ran, no problem, did another file, same story, it ran. So me in my enthusiasm to learn this program (which by
the way is BRILLIANT) have obviously switched something off, or I have a parameter that is not in line
with what the machine wants.
But, I am still getting various quality of lasering, this mornings reverse engraving is a point, I use the lines per mm, and nothing has changed other than miniscule changes, origin, lines and its chalk & cheese. Is the tube to blame? Thanks guys, you have been great with your help etc.

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My laser is a Chinese red & black 700x500 60watt, I cannot read the serial number, but this Lightburn
program has it as a Ruida664xg.
One thing it does have is all these lovely electronic boxes, I just wonder is it something that can be adjusted. The two boxes under the control panel only have the two switches on each box switched over,
I think they the second switch in from either end.

Me again, just sorted (?) my reverse job, the only thing I had changed was I put in the thickness of the
perspex,2.9mm, so I removed it and hey presto it ran, so hopefully that one is solved

Good news, glad you got this sorted. :slight_smile:

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