Ruida and TL-3120 machine - lbrn files mirror itself

Hi! I now own a second laser (Ruida, 100w 6090)

I used to save all my things as a lbrn(2) file. When I open them with my trocen controller selected they are okay. If I change to ruida they mirror themself at the x-axis.

How can I change this?

The new laser has its limit and origin at the top right, the trocen at the top left.

Is this normal or a known issue?

This is a known issue. I thought it was fixed because there was origin detection and autocorrection added recently.

Which version of LightBurn are you running?

If you change devices when editing a file, it will change the device origin to the new machine, flipping it…

If you are set for the Ruida and then open the file it should be correct…


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The newest - v14.0.1 - but it doesnt work here. The beta 14.0.1. works perfectly. Thank you for the hint!

Yes that seems to work too.

Thank you! (In the old version I also use 12.0.4 even this does not work)

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