Ruida control seems to be having random power glitches

Any advice will be appreciated I am fairly new to this. I built a 45-watt Co2 laser last winter, Ruida 6445s control, nema 23 steppers, DM542 drivers, it had been working quite well.

I noticed that circles were not connecting at the start/finish, so checked backlash, any loose components, and adjusted belts etc., seemed better. Now I have poor fills, as in a shift in the pattern, to the point of blurry.

Ran a series of concentric circles, again mismatch at start/finish, but not as bad as before. While running my circle tests things went south, at random times the air assist did not fire and that particular circle was off center, or just nasty looking, (not round), then the next circle would be ok.

It almost seems that the output signals are failing/inconsistent. Does anyone have any clue what I am fighting with here.

Can you provide some photos of the samples you’re seeing?

Problem solved, resorted to digging thru all the wiring, found an overheated power supply lead. cleaned and replaced seems to be ok for know.