Ruida controler issue

when i hit the arrow button on the controller it only bumps one time a fraction of a sec/space.
when i hold the arrow button down to try and get the laser head to move… lets say half the length of the bed, something. it only moves a step. when i used the topwisdom controller when we first got the machine it would move anywhere i wanted it to go in no time at all. im sure its something in my settings? can someone give me some advise please. thanks ahead of time.

try clicking “continuous jog” in the “move” tab

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Mike, your awesome! our new controller did not come with instructions on what the functions do and apparently the middle button with the crazy writing on it was the one you were referring too!! works like a champ!
thanks again

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This link might help you

Sasquatch… Your awsome!! This was very helpful!!! Thank you so much :star_struck:

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You are most welcome @gepkooc. We all come here to expand our understanding of this awesome medium for personal expression. I am glad I was able to contribute to this amazing community.

Cheers :beers: