Ruida Controller Not Communicating with Paid Version


My company recently bought a 80W CO2 Laser Engraver Cutting Machine with a 20" x 28" workspace 80W CO2 Laser Engraver - 20x28” Work Area - OMTech Laser. Upon getting it set up, we noticed it would not communicate with LightBurn, despite everything we tried. We finally got it to communicate with the Trial Version, but it will not with the one we paid for, despite being the same ‘version’ (0.9.20). Is there steps I should take in order to get it to communicate with the version of LightBurn that won’t end within 30 days? Just to clarify, the option of manually adding the Ruida controller as a device is available on the trial version of Lightburn, but not with the license key we paid for.

Thank you.

Did you purchase a GCode license, or a DSP license? If you bought a GCode key, that won’t run that laser, and you’d have to upgrade it to a DSP license key.

Now I feel silly, I hadn’t realized my boss had purchased the GCode license. Thank you.

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