Ruida controller setup

I’m having a bit of trouble setting up a new machine.
On the Ruida Control panel the lasewr head moves correctly as per the button pushes. When jogging the laser head from lightburn it moves correctly too.
When hitting home or origin it goes the wrong way and crashes into the rails, with the stop button not working.

Trying to translate the settings from the Leetro setup into the Ruida is proving difficult.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

From RDworks or LightBurn, you need to define where your home position is.

I have - 1300 x 900. The screen tells me the origin is 10000/10000. The axis’ move down to a position about 1/3 way down the bed and then stops there and goes no further.

I’m waiting for feedback from Cloudray.
Also the fact that the proximity an limit switches on the Ruida are wired quite diffirently than to the Leetro.

They shouldn’t be wired any differently. Are the limit sensors two wire or three wire? Can you post a picture of the leetro controller?

You need to change the Direction Polarity setting under the Manufacturer Parameters. This setting controls the direction of the axes when homing the laser.

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I got all that sorted over the weekend, but had to reconnect the old controller as I have a few small jobs lined up.
On the Leetro there is Gnd, +24 and Org for each limit. The Ruida has only Gnd and +24. I read somewhere that the Org is removed. I’m now waiting for Cloudray to get back to me now on how to sort out the table dimensions (correctly set in Lightburn and controller as 1300 x 900).
I’m sure I’ll get there eventually, its just frustrating having to wait!

The origin isn’t removed on the Ruida controllers. It is just labeled differently, LmtX- and LmtY- are the origin inputs. LmtX+ and LmtY+ are the end of travel inputs.

Thanks, that makes a lot more sense!

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