Ruida info what is installed in this machine?

Is there a way for LB to tell me info about my controller??? What model /version etc??

Have you had a chance to have a look at ‘Edit’→’Get Controller Info’? :slight_smile:

@Rick I assume that option only available for DSP controllers?

I have not ?? what and where?

found it thanks!!!

It does not tell me what it is. I need to replace the one in this machine. I just do not which one to purchase. I will head to cloud ray and maybe get guidance.
Thanks for your suggestion

There should be some markings / sticker on the control unit itself. Post some pictures and we may be able to help identify the model number. :slight_smile:

You should also see the model we think you are connected to at the bottom-center of LightBurn screen when connected.

There are no markings. I contacted the vender and no help there either… I contacted Light objects … no clue or help. I went to Cloud Ray and with their help I ordered a 644 2s I just got an email saying it has shipped and will arrive TODAY!!! OMG!!

Thanks everyone for help with this issue.

There is NO markings … We assumed it was a Ruida years ago. I went ahead and purchased a Trocen controller from light objects in Sacremento. I have it installed and wired up. I looked like 1 to 1 wiring where the 644 was not. (also could not find 644 tec support from CloudRay) Now I need their help to get it going with the head in the correct position etc. I will call them monday and set up a session @ 1$ a min for their services, …

After days of foolin with this Trocen controller and THEIR not so good support @ $1 a minuet I sent it back and ordered the Rudia 6442 again. Due Wed. The wiring for the trocen was not correct for the machine I have. NOT a good experience …

Finally figured out that the controller in this Morn Laser Engraver is/was a RDCL320 A. A Ruida.
I installed a 6442 again and got the machine to work somewhat. It does NOT go home correctly. If I do not stop it, it will crash into the limit switches and make noise.

With power off I place the head in the center of the machine. Power on, then the head takes off towards home (back Right), touch X limit then Y limit with a piece of metal (limit light comes on) and the head will stop and act like it has found home. I can move x & y in the correct directions with the keyboard. The Control panel shows X 0000, Y 0000. I have replaced the metal trigger piece on the head with others to try, NO JOY.

If it work manually WHY will in not work with the head?

I have been in contact with Cloud Ray back in forth emails etc.
They are on holiday now, so I am on hold 'till they get back.

Go through this:

Setting up a Ruida controller from scratch takes a little bit of time, but it’s not horrible.

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OZ I did all those adjustments again. Using X only None of the limit polarity & Direction Polarity changes helped, and even made things worse. After all four changes, I put it back to where it was before the limit changes adjustments. I am wondering if the 6442 is compatible with this machine? Maybe the solution is purchasing a RDLC 320, like the one that was in this machine. I have been down for over a month now.

This is the latest: Power on: The head goes towards home & CRASHES and keeps trying to set the limit switches … ESC stops the crashing, the keyboard works, and I can move X & Y ok. Power off. Move the head to center of machine. Power On: head takes off for home, I trip the X first then the Y limit switches with a screwdriver. The machine thinks it is home now. X=0000 Y=0000 I made a 1-inch test sq in LB hit frame and head goes there. I did NOT turn on the laser. The machine thinks it found home …

So that’s it for now I am waiting to hear back from Cloud Ray, and “MORN” they finally reached out after only a month…

Thanks for your suggestions
Hope all is well …

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