Ruida Origin Issue

Just received a new ruida machine (900x600). Added device on lightburn with origin 0,0 to be front left, however the controller thinks bottom left is 0,600. It homes to back left and thinks this is 0,0. How do you adjust this correctly?

thanks in advance

Origin for a Ruida controller is usually the corner it homes to where the limit switches are (Right, Rear in most) Set your origin there and it should fix all your problems.

I dont get you at all. The limit switches are back left. I dont want this to be 0,0. I want it to home back left to 0,600. I want front left to be origin 0,0. How to do this? If I set origin to rear left as you said it doesnt fix anything.

The short version is that you don’t, without physically moving the limit switches, but it doesn’t actually matter. You can place the user origin anywhere you like, and it’s remembered until you change it.

LightBurn will also send work to exact place on the laser that you have placed it in the workspace if you’re using Absolute Coords mode.

You’re likely used to GCode systems or CNCs. DSPs have a few differences to get used to.

In LightBurn, you simply tell it where the origin point of your machine is, and artwork will be oriented correctly when imported.

I get it now, need to get my head around the difference between the DPS and Gcode.


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