Ruida parameters setting for lightburn

hello everyone need help in setting ruida parameters on lightburn on a 4x8 flatbed 130 watt omni using top right for homing
the vendor parameters was reset and backup not available going true lots of videos and cant make it work

There is a section in the LIghtBurn docs with some tips on configuring a Ruida that’s all at factory settings that may be of some assistance:

I guess you learned not to do a factory reset…

This is my machine settings from a couple years ago.

I’m sure the acceleration values are too high for both axes. Might want to check over most items as mine homes to the rear/left also.

Ensure you copy what you have in the Ruida and save it somewhere, you could end up with more problems and have to revert.

If you use this any issues it causes are yours are your responsibility… My machines had a few modifications. This is the oldest one and likely the most compatible I have from 2021.

blue-laser-machine-settings.lbset (12.7 KB)

Good luck


hello thank you much i have tried it and work area is on x is now 30 inches on the setting it does show 48
and i get beeping ruida display message Machine protected /
work paused

hello thank you i did follow instructions and some how the ruida not performing the flashing

I’d highly recommend contacting the manufacturer and see if they can provide settings then. That’s the only other recommendation I would have.