RUIDA problem with Laser 2


I found 2 problems with laser2.

  1. If RUIDA is not online, laser2 is not shown after LIGHTBURN start in layer selection, although it was activatet in reloaded .lbrn file before.

  2. if I use laser2 ‘line and fill’, ‘fill’ ist burned by laser2, but ‘line’ is burned by laser1.

Can I correct this by settings, or is it a bug?

thank you for tips

The first is intentional, though I’m likely going to make it something that can be overridden. I don’t show dual tube settings unless I can tell you have a dual tube controller connected.

The second sounds like a bug - I’ll have to have a look at that.

…thank you, great programm otherwise. Would be very usefull to have a shortkey function too for some menu points, for instance for ‘move laser to lower left’

You can do that by pressing any of these while holding the Ctrl key:

Holding Ctrl while clicking those is the same as using these:

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